Remote Worker (XTEND-LIW)

XTEND-LIW-Tag-Logo-TransXTEND-LIW enables seamless Delivery of Campus Wi-Fi Networks to remote locations including your home, hotel or remote office.

When you use an XTEND-LIW wireless AP you can seamlessly use your wireless devices as if you were on campus, no additional configuration required and no additionally security or logins.


The AP600 fits in perfectly into your home surrounds and connects, via cable, to your existing home broadband router or similar connection.  The wireless AP will then configure itself automatically and within minutes you will be able to see, and connect to, PHOENIX-NET-SECURE and access all the University Systems you can reach on campus, as well as being able to surf the Internet.


ap600-rearOn the rear of the AP600 there is a port dedicated for Wired remote access (Port 4) which will allow for wired only devices, such as VoIP Phones, BMS devices and Door Controllers to be connected and appear as though there are on the main campus network, effectively extending the wired and wireless networks anywhere in the world where the AP600 can be connected to an internet source.