There are three wireless networks available to Coventry University Staff and Students across all University buildings on both Coventry Campus and London Campus.

Anyone with a Coventry University username and password, or a guest visiting the University with a suitable guest username and password (see Visitor Internet Access for details), can make use of the University’s wireless services.

Your wireless device must conform to one of the following standards  – 802.11a,  802.11g or 802.11n – 802.11b devices are no longer supported – the manual you received with your device should detail the standard that it works on (please contact the ITS Service Desk if you are still unsure).

Wherever possible, PHOENIX-NET-SECURE or PHOENIX-NET-FAST should be used.  PHOENIX-NET-SECURE and PHOENIX-NET-FAST will provide you with full access to all campus systems and the Internet.  PHOENIX-NET-SECURE and PHOENIX-NET-FAST  are secure wireless network and all wireless traffic is encrypted – however, it is highly recommended that you use HTTPS websites to ensure that your transferred data is secure.

PHOENIX-NET-GUEST is a basic Internet-only guest network.  Staff and Students should avoid using this network unless absolutely necessary.  PHOENIX-NET-GUEST is specifically configured to disconnect wireless sessions that are idle for more than 5 minutes.  As PHOENIX-NET-GUEST is not encrypted, great care should be taken with your data and as such this wireless network should  only be used where you are unable to make use of PHOENIX-NET-SECURE or PHOENIX-NET-FAST.

Our wireless network infrastructure is managed by a product called WCS – WCS is available to all Staff and Students to provide you coverage details such as where you can find wireless networks and how busy access points in a certain area are, allowing you to make informed decisions about where best to make use of one of our wireless networks.  Details on how to log onto WCS can be found on this site.

User Guides for how to connect to the University wireless services are published in their respective sections – please choose the service you require from the menu.

Access is provided under the standard terms of the Code of Conduct which governs usage of all the University’s computing facilities.