PHOENIX-NET-GUEST will offer visitors to the university an internet service which will give access to all University services available from off campus (eg Webmail, Terminal Services, Staff and Student Portals). PHOENIX-NET-GUEST provides the same level of access as any home ADSL of broadband connection.

Staff and Students should avoid using this network unless absolutely necessary. PHOENIX-NET-GUEST is specifically configured to disconnect wireless sessions that are idle for more than 5 minutes.  As PHOENIX-NET-GUEST is not encrypted, great care should be taken with your data and as such this wireless network should  only be used where you are unable to make use of PHOENIX-NET-SECURE or PHOENIX-NET-FAST.

if you would like to provide wireless services to your visiting guests or conference attendees, the ITS Service Desk can create up to 10 Guest accounts. For larger groups such as a conference, please contact Network Services with the requirements so we can create you guest user accounts.