Coventry University is fully enabled for eduroam, both as a home site and as a visited site.  This means that Coventry University users can use their own credentials to get Internet Access at participating institutions and that users from participating institutions can get Internet Access whilst visiting Coventry University.

Wherever you see the eduroam wireless network, you can connect using your full username and password.  It should be noted that for Coventry users, you MUST enter your full username in the format of – if you enter any other variant of your username, you will not be able to get access when visiting other institutions.

You can find a list of participating institutions here along with their current eduroam status.

Any issues experienced with eduroam should be reported to your own IT Support.  For Coventry users this means the ITS Service Desk.

Want to know more about eduroam? Watch this video – if you would like to know where else you can connect to eduroam, please check here

To ensure your device and connection is secure you should install the certificates onto your device. If you have a Windows Vista, 7 or 8 PC, Mac Lion or Mountain Lion PC, Apple IOS device or Linux device you can visit the CAT eduroam site and install all certificates AND set up the wireless networks automatically for PHOENIX-NET-FAST, PHOENIX-NET-SECURE and eduroam.

If your devices are not listed on the CAT eduroam site, then you can download and manually install the certificates directly onto your device from the links below.  You will likely need to install all 5 certificates and if prompted, the ROOT CA certificate is the AddTrust certificate.  Manual installation of certificates varies by device, so you should follow the instruction from the user guide of your own device.  You should ensure that you enforce the checking of the certificates.